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Adress: H. Yusufmescit Mah. Sedirler Cad. Şanslı Sk. No: 20, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
Phone: + 90 332 342 70 91 Fax: + 90 332 342 70 93

Company Profile

It started the component manufacturing for the cranes and lifting machines in Konya, as a small workshop, in the year 1978. It continued its development within the course of time and then passed to the production of crane equipments and the first foundations of its today’s structure at that date.

It expanded the subject of activity as it passed to the factory building which is situated in Konya in the year 1988 and started the complete production of the cranes and lifting machines at first and intensified its works on the subject of projecting and other designs and improved itself further.

It started the exportation to a wide range from the Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Philistine, Lebanon and Jordan, from the African and Arabian countries such as Algebra, Kuwait, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia to the European countries such as Bulgaria and Greece in the year 1992.

In the frame of the decisions which are taken in the year 1996, the investment and development program is implemented for the purpose of entering into the 2000’s years as well-prepared and healthy with not only its production volume and quality but also with its corporate structure and in this respect the ISO studies are got started.

In the year 2002, it has moved to its factory which is situated in Karatay, Konya where it currently continues its activities today and thus not only its production volume but also its production variety increased. In the year 2006, it has regained the brand registration right which it acquired previously again with its new logo and on its new production area and it became an important step for the sake or being corporation.

In the year 2011, it continued its organization and development together with all of its employees and in order to reach the targets which are put in Yüksen and it aims to provide much better services to its customers in the next years.


  • crane control equipment
  • crane control equipments
  • crane equipments
  • crane motor
  • crane motors
  • current receiver
  • current receivers
  • double edged hook
  • double edged hooks
  • double girder gantry crane
  • double girder gantry cranes
  • electrical crane
  • electrical panels
  • elevating machine
  • elevating machines
  • flatform cable for towing trolley
  • gantry bridge ceiling crane
  • gantry bridge ceiling cranes
  • gear wheels
  • hook safety lock
  • hook safety locks
  • horizontal reducer
  • horizontal reducers
  • monorail cranes
  • monorails
  • portable bridged crane
  • portable bridged cranes
  • remote control unit
  • remote control units
  • remote control
  • rotating gantry crane
  • rotating gantry cranes
  • round cable for towing trolley
  • round cable for towing trolleys
  • steel cable trolley
  • steel rope
  • teleradio
  • teleradios
  • track reductor
  • track reductors
  • transformer for cranes
  • transformers for cranes
  • travelling unit
  • travelling units
  • worm gear reducer
  • worm gear reducers

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