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Adress: İrfaniye Mah. Ovayolu Cad. No:2/1, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
Phone: +90 224 495 15 10 Fax: +90 224 495 12 90

Company Profile

Although established in 2003, founder of Turkas Mr. Refik Öztüfekçi has more than 25 experience in Gas Springs sector. Turkas is a leading manufacturer of Gas Springs, Block-lifts for several industrial sectors. From incoming process of materials through shipment to truck, Turkas maintains the highest quality control of the entire manufacturing processes.

Turkas is actively supplying many industry segments especially Automotive, Truck&Bus, Heavy Duty, Agricultural machines, Furniture and Industrial sectors.We are specialized in providing joint-development in accordance with the requirement of our customers. The experienced and dynamic staff understand the industries’ quality and technology standards.

With its progressive solutions and focus on quality, Turkas is a preferred supplier to many leading multi-national companies. Turkas is rapidly expanding to serve ever bigger international markets particularly in Europe and is also exporting to North Africa, Middle East.


  • fittings
  • fitting
  • gas spring
  • adjustable gas spring
  • adjustable gas springs
  • adjustable pressure gas spring
  • adjustable pressure gas springs
  • agricultural machine gas spring
  • agricultural machine gas springs
  • automobile gas spring
  • automobile gas springs
  • automotive gas spring
  • automotive gas springs
  • block lift
  • block lifts
  • bus gas spring
  • bus gas springs
  • end fitting
  • end fittings
  • flexable block lift
  • flexable block lifts
  • furniture gas spring
  • furniture gas springs
  • gas spring end fitting
  • gas spring end fittings
  • gas spring fitting
  • gas spring fittings
  • gas spring with locking tube
  • gas springs with locking tube
  • gas springs
  • gas springs
  • heavy duty vehicle gas spring
  • heavy duty vehicle gas springs
  • industrial gas spring
  • industrial gas springs
  • position free gas spring
  • position free gas springs
  • pressure gas spring
  • pressure gas springs
  • rigid block lift
  • rigid block lifts
  • stainless gas spring
  • stainless gas springs
  • stainless steel gas spring
  • stainless steel gas springs
  • traction gas spring
  • traction gas springs
  • truck gas spring
  • truck gas springs
  • vehicle gas spring
  • vehicle gas springs

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