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Adress: Organized Industrial Zone , Turkey
Phone: +90 414 369 11 35 Fax: +90 414 369 11 34

Company Profile

TRANSFOMAX transformer , electrical, engineering, consultancy and contracting to operate in the area, was established in 2006 in the organize industrial zone in Sanlıurfa.
6.3 to 36 kV voltage range of 25 kVA to 16 MVA, distribution, engaged in the
production of medium voltage and power transformers.

Power and Distribution Transformers
TRANSFOMAX® produces transformers, which are three and single phase that may be used both inside and outside, which are designed to be able to run in continuous facility up to the ambient temperature of 50°C (In our Standard production, the ambient temperature is taken as 40°C).
The distribution transformers with power of 40-2500 KVA, which are present in our production portfolio, have intended nominal voltage and (ONAN) cooling system.
Normal distribution Transformers, those up to power of 40-2500 kVa, those with Depot with Oil Expansion and,
Power Transformers that are up to nominal voltage of 2500-16000 KVA are included in our production area through Degree Converter either under load or free from load.

-Single-phase or three-phase.
-Oil Immersed (mineral or silicon or incombustible oil).
-Natural cooling (ONAN).
-Forced cooling (ONAN/ONAF).
-Those with expansion tank exposed to Atmosphere.
-Hermetic ones which are fully close to Atmosphere.
-Hermetical with gas cushion.
-Those with idle degree converter or degree converter under load.
-Those with cable box or drum.
-Those with porcelain insulator or epoxy resin insulator.
All above are produced in line with demand, specification of customer and stated standards. Such standards are TS 267, IEC 60076, BS 171, DIN, ANSI and others that shall be requested. Each transformer being produced is shipped after the fact that routine tests as envisaged in TS 267, IEC 60076 are applied. Again, type tests and special tests as stated in same standards (except for short circuit resistance test) are realized in our laboratories when required.
Additionally TRANSFOMAX® produces below transformers and reactors with oil special type and structures in line with request of our customers.

-Transformers with Plug-in bushing.
-Transformers with Cable box.
-Furnace Transformers up to the capacity of 15 000 kVa,
-Grounding Transformers.
-Smoothing Transformers.
-Patching Transformers.
-Serial Reactors to limit the short-circuit current.
-Shunt reactors.
-After-sale (Service-Spare Parts) services for all Transformers.

In order to guarantee our future,we have to ensure customer and employee satisfaction. the goods and after-sales services are provided pursuant to conditions and schedules prescribed beforehand with the customers.

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