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Adress: Sanayi Mah., 60357 Nolu Cad., 149 Sk., No: 2/1, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
Phone: +90 342 239 02 81 Fax:

Company Profile

NEVZAT ŞAF, the chairman of the board of directors of Stargaz Heat
Industry and Trade Company, worked as a foreman and supervisor for
assembly at some of the leading companies named Gazteknik and
Sungurlar Boiler Industry in between 1959 and 1967.

In 1967, he established his first workshop named Volkan Makina in
Istanbul, TURKEY. He made significant contributions to Turkish
industry by producing the first Turkish industrial steam irons, carpet washing machines, hot air devices (thermoblocks), steam boilers and hot oil boilers while he had been in Istanbul till 1990.

In 1990, he moved to his hometown Gaziantep, TURKEY and continued
his business.In 1993, he established his second company named Stargaz Heat Industry and Trade Com. and expanded his business.

Our company, Stargaz Heat Industry and Trade Com, serves to both
domestic and foreign companies and manufacturers with its expert
personals in special manufacturing, unique and special machines settled at 4000 square meters of production space.

Our company’s main principles are to provide customer satisfaction and to enable quality and timely manufacturing and uninterrupted service after manufacturing. Our company always exists with its customer and share success and failure as well as profit and loss.

Our main goal is to become a wellknown world brand by expanding our production line and increasing the number of skilled expert staff.

We are proud to have professional experience over 50 years and will be glad to help you in your business.


  • distillation system
  • distillation systems
  • distillation
  • emissions asphalt melter
  • emissions asphalt melters
  • fluid fuel steam boiler
  • fluid fuel steam boilers
  • fluid fuel thermal oil boilers
  • fuel oil distillation system
  • fuel oil distillation systems
  • gas burners
  • gas fuel steam boiler
  • gas fuel thermal oil boilers
  • heat center
  • heat centers
  • heat industry product
  • heat industry products
  • hot oil heating system
  • hot oil heating systems
  • hot oil pump
  • hot oil pumps
  • lube oil filling plant
  • oil plants
  • oil refinery system
  • oil refinery systems
  • oil storage tank
  • oil storage tanks
  • penstock pipe mounting
  • petroleum refinery systems
  • plastic pipe installations
  • pressure tanks
  • reactor
  • rubber frame
  • serpentine twist
  • serpentine
  • solid fuel steam boilers
  • solid fuel thermal oil boilers
  • solvent recovery facilities
  • steel pipe line
  • steel pipe lines
  • stock tanks
  • sun flower oil facilities
  • thin film evaporator
  • thin film evaporators
  • tyre recovery systems
  • used oil recycling system
  • vegetable oil facilities
  • waste oil recycling facilities
  • waste oil recycling system
  • waste oil recycling systems

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