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Adress: OSB Yaşar Doğu Cad. No: 56, Tekkeköy, Samsun, Turkey
Phone: +90 362 266 60 83 Fax: +90 362 266 60 82

Company Profile

Haci Rifat BEYTEKIN putted the first brick of Sera Tekstil by starting its journey with the son of his uncle for the purpose of learning quilting craft upon one of his close relatives’ invitation who engaged in dry goods in Istanbul in the beginning of 1900s and also operated in quilting in covered bazaar. He continued to work in quilting awhile in his hometown by going back to Macka, district of Trabzon upon the request of his father after 4 years working on foreign land. Going foeign lands again for the purpose of reaching his crafts to more people, Haci Rifat BEYTEKIN settled in Carsamba district of Samsun after working in Zonguldak, Adapazari, and the other districts of Trabzon. Deciding to continue his works in this place, BEYTEKIN continued to manufacture with his all family members for many years by teaching quilting craft to his sons from his children who were born as 5 sons, 4 daughters after his marriage. Starting to trade as well as quilting, family all together settled in the centre of Samsun. Settling in Samsun, family started to work as wholesaler in quilting and furniture which appeal to people of that region and provided employment by continuing to work for many years and enlarging their business. When it comes to the beginning of 1980s, brothers got their own way on business life and one of brothers Servet BEYTEKIN continued business life with his elder brother by establishing a company which engaged in quilting. When it comes to 1980, they bought cotton cleaning machine and started a new work which had not operated in that region before. Struggling with the problems, stemed from their new investment, brothers started to sell carded cotton to quilt manufacturers of the region by overcooming from all problems with their stubborn personalities, related with their hometown Trabzon. Buying fibers carding machine in the result of increasing demands on this product and expanding their product range, brothers terminated their partnership in 1994 and Servet BEYTEKIN continued its business life with his son Kadir BEYTEKIN. Being in search of a new invesment for the purpose of manufacturing home textiles by using fibers, father and son bought machinery and became mechanized in 1995. In the beinning of 1996 being the third generation in this industry, Kadir BEYTEKIN started to manufacture in various regions of Samsun by taking the leadership of their business life. When it comes to 2006, relocating its factory in 7.500 m2 area by renting facility in Samsun Industrial Organized Zone, Seral Tekstil increased its product range which were manufactured for domestic and foreign brands. Moving in its manufacturing facility after constructing its own factory building, located on 12.000 m2 area in 2012, company increased employment number to 250, expanded its product range and raised its customer portfolio. Seral gives services to hotels which are located in Canarian Islands besides 5 star hotels which operates in Turkey with its quality standards on manufacturing which have been obtained in the recent years. Having a significant place with its quality and capacity in home textiles, hospital textiles and hotel textiles in Turkey, Sera Tekstil aims to increase employment number by making new investments in forthcoming days. Whole aim of Kadir BEYTEKIN is to transfer his leadership as thrid generation of family to his next generations and contribute much more in the country economy.


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  • cotton mattress cover
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  • drawsheet
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  • goose down pillow
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  • mattress covers
  • mattress pads
  • pillow pad
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  • soybean pillow
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  • tencel pillows
  • undersheets
  • wool baby pillow
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  • wool baby quilt
  • wool baby quilts
  • wool mattress cover
  • wool mattress covers
  • wool pillow
  • wool pillows

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