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Adress: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Şekerpınar Caddesi, Huzur Sokak, No: 5/A, Çayırova, Kocaeli, Turkey
Phone: +90 549 796 38 05 Fax: +90 262 658 01 33

Company Profile

Proso Professional Cooling under many different company titles since 1995 is active in Cooling Systems, Cooler Rayons, Cold Rooms, Service and Maintenance-Mounting Services, Moisturizing Systems,
Spare Parts and Energy Saving Projects for all kind of customers before and after project education, consulting services, system design, equipment and device selection with integrated system solutions as "Solution Partner".

Proso Professional Cooling continues to work in the last innovation to its production philosophy according to needs in Turkey through new techs. Including this the company incorporates educated, experienced staff to its family.

The policy of the company is not based on just selling the products, however to present the best solutions by "turnkey" projects with experience and knowledge on every phase of the project.

Proso Professional Cooling targets to combine the most appropriate world standard "project designs" with the concept of "developed western country's service".

In the conscious of customer satisfaction the indispensable principle of Proso Professional Cooling is; "To provide fully service to the customers before and after the projects."


  • cold storage rooms
  • cold storages
  • coolers
  • cooling systems
  • cooling systems
  • display cabinets
  • heaters
  • meat showcases
  • refrigerated display cabinets
  • refrigerating systems
  • split cooling systems
  • aging invertor systems
  • baklava rayons
  • baklava showcases
  • beverage display cabinets
  • beverage rayon glass door systems
  • cake display cabinets
  • cake rayons
  • cake showcases
  • capacity control systems
  • central cooling systems
  • charcuterie cold rooms
  • chill stores
  • cold room door locks
  • cold storage depots
  • combined deep freezer rayons
  • cooler display cabinets
  • cooler displays
  • cooler showrooms
  • cooler systems
  • cooling display cabinets
  • cooling displays
  • cooling showrooms
  • damping systems
  • deep chill tores
  • deep cold storages
  • deep freezer rayons
  • deep freezer showcases
  • deep freezing rayons
  • delicatessen cold rooms
  • depot shelf systems
  • display cabinet glasses
  • electric rayon glasses
  • electronic fan systems
  • evaparators
  • freezer systems
  • freezing displays
  • freezing showrooms
  • freezing systems
  • fridge case
  • fridge cases
  • fruit display cabinets
  • fruit rayons
  • fruit showcases
  • glass absorbers
  • glass door beverage rayons
  • glass door beverage showcases
  • glass door showcases
  • green vegetable damping systems
  • greengrocer cold rooms
  • horizontal service showcases
  • industrial panel cold storage
  • invertor systems
  • market shelf systems
  • meat cold rooms
  • meat display cabinets
  • meat protection cooling systems
  • meat rayons
  • milk display cabinets
  • milk products side doors
  • milk rayons
  • milk showcases
  • mousturizing systems
  • open area refreshment systems
  • open type cooling systems
  • rayon glasses
  • refreshment systems
  • refrigerated displays
  • refrigerated showcases
  • resistance
  • separate cooling systems
  • service display cabinets
  • service rayons
  • service showcases
  • shelf glasses
  • shelf systems
  • shelf tag holders
  • shock type cooling systems
  • showcase glasses
  • showcases
  • sliding shutter glass door systems
  • sticky tag holders
  • storage shelf systems
  • store shelf systems
  • storehouses shelf systems
  • tandem cooling systems
  • vegetable display cabinets
  • vegetable rayons
  • vertical service showcases
  • wetting systems
  • wire rack tag holders

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