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Adress: Balmumcu Mah. Itri Sokak, No:14, Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 236 332 50 32 Fax: +90 236 332 50 40

Company Profile

Olivos was established in partnership with SMS Group-Hong Kong, which has about 25 years of experience in the food processing sector in Far Eastern Countries.

The Olivos plant was built in the Western Part of Turkey – Izmir, which is the main industrial city of the Aegean Region and it is a home to the biggest port for exportation. Having one of the most modern plants in Turkey, Olivos has chosen this key location for being part of this region, which is the heartland of natural and selected olive trees.

OLIVOS owns two contracted crushing mills. One of its mills is in Akhisar and the other is in Tire. This enables them to collect different varieties of olives. Crushing systems are called continue systems, which are mainly used by Italians. Olivos can control both the quality of olive oil and the variety of olives by controlling every phases from the olives on the trees to bottling.

Olivos differs from other olive oil companies due to its ambition of becoming the leading olive oil company by making the best investments to ensure its future success in the world market. Expanding its olive collecting centers and crushing mills throughout the country and having its branches in New York, California, Florida, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Melbourne has allowed Olivos to become internationally recognized.

Other factors that have permitted Olivos to become internationally successful are having the latest technological laboratories, hygienic working environment and experienced young staff.


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