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Adress: Organize San. Böl. 111. Cad. No: 3 26110 - Eskişehir, Turkey
Phone: +90 222 236 02 95 Fax: +90 222 236 06 94

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Everything started with a belief in a mine…

Everything started with a belief in a mine…
2003 We added Marine Salt production to our products range in İzmir/Sasalı Industrial Region.
2008 We started to refined salt production in Afyonkarahisar/Dazkırı (Acıgöl) plants.
2010 We started to studies to carry our leadership in industrial area to retail sector.
2010 We have brought innovations to the market as the first company applying Body Sleeve packaging application in the industry.
2010 We have been granted TSE Packaging Award with two products.
2011 We have been granted Reliable Brand Award, Golden Brand Award and Consumer Quality Award.
2014 We have become one of the biggest salt producers of our country with our production at three different plants located in three region and 12.000 Tons production capacity monthly.

In addition to all area of food industry, we are providing all salt types to textile, metallurgy, personal care, automotive, white goods, chemistry and many industries in parallel with their requirements at domestic and abroad for our customers.

We say that the balance of life is dependent on balanced salt consumption and we adopt it as a mission to work for conscious salt consumption with “Balance of life “ approach.

Have balanced sugar, salt; delicious dishes…


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  • instant soup salts
  • iodised salt
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  • lake salt
  • leather salt
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  • leave salt
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  • marine salt
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  • massage salts
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  • natural sea grinder marine salt
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  • non-iodized salt
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  • olive salt
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  • raw salt
  • refined iodized salt
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  • refined non-iodized salt
  • refined non-iodized salts
  • refined salts
  • retail salt
  • road salt
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  • salt shakers
  • sea grinder marine salt
  • sea grinder marine salts
  • sea salts
  • sodium-reduced iodized salt
  • sodium-reduced iodized salts
  • table salts
  • tablet salt
  • textile salt
  • textile salts
  • treatment salt
  • treatment salts
  • washed salt
  • water softening salt

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