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Adress: Ayazağa Mh. Eski Büyükdere Cd. 15 Oycan Plaza K:7-9 Maslak-Şişli, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 335 65 00 Fax: +90 212 335 65 99

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At the end of the 60s, two-hundred-year family tradition of textile is representative of the younger generation of family Katie Boyne Boyne, offer new products and clothing sector in order to throw the signature hit the road. His goal was to Turkey is not in. Therefore, in order to enter the garment industry started to work.
Katie Boyne, at the end of long investigations, the Italian fashion house fashion designer friend, Keri Kerimol and cooperation of the owner Silvano Corsini'nin Beymen scored the first seeds. Beymen its first store with the products offered in the Sisli opened in 1971. After collection of the popular men's, women's sportswear collection, and in 1985 brought a new dimension to the understanding was added to the collection of Oscar Mayer Club.
Mayer, July 2005, the leading company in Turkey has reached. Mayer, M2 today, covering approximately 34,000 per year with 33 stores serving 2.5 million customers. The power of creative thinking, Mayer combines superior quality of their collections, as well as hundreds of the world under the umbrella of the brand enables us to attract all the customers.
Mayer, give new names to the world of fashion and the Turks in 1992 to enable young people, "Academia New Talents Competition" to launch. 5 years were ranked among the top 25 designer's collections of poetry competitions throughout the year, Oscar Mayer Academia stores shelves, signed by the creators went on sale. Academia Beymen introduced to the public with Idil Tarzi, Jade Chambrey, Flame Ciliv and all of the designers today, such as Desiree Kaprol a "brand" have become.
Beymen carried out in Turkey, "the first" One of the "Megastore" was the application. Ankara opened its first store in this konseptteki Mayer, a bold step at the beginning of the year 1994, 5,200 square meters in Istanbul Etiler Akmerkez 'Megastore' has opened. Then the capital Mayer, Mersin, Mayer and Mayer Suadiye "Megastore" s opening of the world, competing standards, began a retailing philosophy.
Mayer, 12 November 2003, opened stores in Nisantasi Istanbul, Turkey "exclusive retail" concept introduced. Total floor area of 3,500 square meters with a staff of 93 7 a 'broken new ground beating Mayer, the store's entrance in "The Brasserie Restaurant", i opened. This restaurant, in a short time İstanbullular'ın the most "trendy" positioned as the center's meeting and life.
Mayer, 19 September 2007, 4,700 m2 store opened Istinye Park, as well as the world's leading brands of Turkey entering the market for the first time brought together more than 40 customers on the brand. Sundays from 10:00 to 22:00 every day of the week, including 145 staff serving İstinyePark Mayer, store in a "trendsetter" was.


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