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Adress: Fevzipaşa Mah. Kınalı Kavşağı Cad. No:123-123/1, Silivri, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 670 49 51 Fax: +90 212 670 51 51

Company Profile

STANDART Insulation and Building Materials inc. has been established in İstanbul-Silivri in 2001 to manufacture polymer bitumen based waterproofing membranes, bitumen based roof membranes with its quality understanding.

By the first year of its establishment, It has started Penguen, Panda, Fok brand waterproofing membranes with polymer bitumen which can be adaptable to different climate conditions.
It recently manufacture all type of bituminous membranes in the sector (mineral coated,aluminium foil coated, root resistant, etc.)

It has started Shingle with APP production by the brand name of Simshingle.
Right after, by the result of continuous research and development works, the company presents 5 group of innovative bituminous membranes into the sector.
These were the products which are not in the sector and the patents of them were taken first time by Standart Insulation.

At the same period, It has started to manufacture self adhesive bituminous tapes and self adhesive bituminous membranes with Simself brand. Apart from these products,the company has enriched the product range with the items such as bitumen emulsion,liquid membranes,bitumen based roofing membranes,insulation protecter sheets(drainage sheets.)and waterproofing additional products.

It has established a modern premise which is Simplan synthetic membrane factory with its capasity of 3.000.000 m2 in 2011.
So,it has started the production of some synthetic membranes such as PVC, TPO, HDPE,LDPE,ECB with Simplan brand.

It has supported the sensibility about the product and production quality with quality certificates of TSE, CE, DIN,Broof, etc. Besides,Standart Insulation inc. pays attention service and establishment quality and work with ISO 9001-2000 quality management system.

Standart Insulation inc.takes as principal to sell the products which it manufactures or the products which it markets throughout by companies and dealers which are professionally in the sector.It services its consumers domesticly throughout Egean,Mediterrenian, East Anatolia(Adana),Central Anatolia(Ankara)regional headquarters and dealers.

It exports to many companies in 4 continent by following the devolopments in the world, being in entegration with the world and achieves new dealerships abroad.
It keeps on its success increasingly in this field by defining serious export targets for future years.

Besides, it follows its educational facilities firstly within Standart Master Club for the aim of improvement the sector and raising the awaresness of it.
Besides, it also supports sectoral association facilities.

Standart Insulation is members of Bituder(Bituminous Waterproofing Manufacturers Association) and İmsad.( Construction Materials Industrialist Association.)


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