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Adress: Esenşehir Mah., Nato Yolu Cad., Hidayet Sok., No: 4, Yukarı Dudullu, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 216 499 22 90 Fax:

Company Profile

Aydogdular Makina Tesisat Insaat Boru Ekleme Parcalari San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. was estabished in 1978 as a family company selling construction and plumbing materials. First starting at Karakoy Persembe Bazaar the company continues with AYDO brand and flange and pipe fittings at its management center, sale offices and group companies in Dudullu. With its export activities the company continues its studies to have a say in abroad.
Today Aydogdular Makine is capable of supplying any needs of producer, contractor, construction and material companies in the sector more than 32.000 products under 15 main categories with its dealerships and production potential.

The quality of services we give and quality products with leader brands in the sector made us have a say in the sector. Wide product range, stock in hand, fast delivery, problem solving, aftersale support are the most important differences of us for our customers to choose us.

Aydogdular Makine goals to be the leading plumbing and technical materials market in the sector with wide product range and quality services making our customers satisfied.

Supplying any needs of the sector with product range in construction and building sector is our main principle. We continue to develop ourselves and invest to give the best services. The principles adopted for 40 years are the main factors of our success.

- Reputation:
Powerful and confidential company profile of Aydogdular Makine in the sector is important for us. To protect this we work for improving the quality of products and services and being appreciated by our customers.

- Customer Satisfaction:
The main philosophy of our job that we have been doing fondly for years is to supply any needs of our customers and create happy and loyal customer profile.

- Difference:
Finding thousands of materials from gasket to technical materials and insulating to hardware under a single roof, feeling before and aftersale support nearby and fast delivery makes us different and preferable by our customers.


  • bushed isolation kit
  • bushed isolation kits
  • concentric reduction
  • concentric reductions
  • flat flange
  • flat flanges
  • hardware product
  • heating flange
  • heating flanges
  • inegal tee
  • inegal tees
  • manometer omega
  • manometer omegas
  • natural gas installation material
  • natural gas installation materials
  • panel radiator base
  • panel radiator bases
  • pipe cross
  • pipe crosses
  • pipe flange
  • pipe flanges
  • plumbing material
  • rotating flange ring
  • rotating flange rings
  • rotating flange
  • rotating flanges
  • service box flange
  • service box flanges
  • service box plug
  • service box plugs
  • threaded flange
  • threaded flanges
  • threaded pipe fitting
  • threaded pipe fittings
  • transition nozzle
  • transition nozzles
  • welding neck flange
  • welding neck flanges

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