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Adress: 3,.Osb İhsandede Cad Sk. No:7 42300 Konya, Turkey
Phone: 0332 221 64 00 Fax:

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International competition is growing fast day by day. The precondition of existing within these competition conditions is always running at first. We need to keep up with the dynamic structure of the century, open to possible changes and developments to achieve this target.Therefore, our company is adapting new systems, techniques and technologies to its structure.
Being free of unnecessary elements within its structure and minimized factors on error, cost, stock, labor cost, development process, production area, loss and customer dissatisfaction; our production system is using Canban-System, assorted loading or uniform production, one-piece flow, Synchronization within machinery and workshops, U-Line techniques.
Five main success elements are characterizing our production. These are: Project Manager, team work, knowledge culture, integration with suppliers, simultaneous engineering. In all stages of our production; multi-sided trained worker teams are operated and highly automated & flexible machinery is used.
On the other hand, responsibility is pushed to the bottom levels of our companies organization.This responsibility means employees freedom of control his/her own studies. Our production is combining advantages of labor-skill dependent and series production and as a matter of fact we can avoid high costs on one side and avoid being strict on the other side.The most striking difference between us and other manufacturers is based on our main targets.
Other manufacturers aims series production which can be described as a restricted target.This means maximum quantity & standardized products.According to this mentality, trying to do better would cost higher or beyond capability. Nevertheless, our production is aiming definitely being perfect: continuosly pulling down the costs, zero defective, zero stock and endless product variety.As to achieve these targets, our production is always looking for the best
Our production requires much more professional skills to be learned and applied creatively within a team atmosphere instead of being in a strict hierarchy. The main target is to spread the responsibility to the people forming the vast majority in the bottom levels of the corporate pyramid of the company.
In the name of competitive strength in the market, as design department we are giving our best support on designing and processing of the products. We are realizing a production depending on all vehicle groups with designs made with reverse engineering method.
We are making the designs considering the security and endurance factors. We are projecting our designs not only 2 dimension but also 3 dimension. All our 3 dimension designs are based on the data coming from 3 dimension measuring systems and exactly as per original sample
On the other hand; our design team, together with quality development studies works on manufacturability with minimum costs of new designed products. Also FMEA and PPAP files are prepared during the design stages of the products.


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