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Adress: 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Kırımhanlığı Caddesi, No:30, Sincan, Ankara, Turkey
Phone: +90 312 206 80 00 Fax: +90 312 472 72 32

Company Profile

Ankara Flour Mills Incorporated was established in 1967 by İlhan Cavcav who is the owner and current Chairman. In the course of the time, the Company grew bigger with investments on modernization and capacity. As a result, A.U.S. which started its operations at Balgat Ankara with 85 ton /day capacity at one factory is now carrying out its operations in 3 different cities with a total capacity of 1550 tons / day. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to complete the new premises in Sincan / Ankara. It is planned to be starting its operations in 2010. The whole plant in Balgat will be transferred to the new location to furnish better services.

A.U.S. was ranked 481st in 2007; and 463rd in 2008 amongst Turkey’s Next Top 500 Industrial Enterprises’’ survey. The Company preserves its spot in the top five in its own sector in the very same survey. A.U.S. takes pride in being a constant member of the list for years now, and holds its responsibility for progressive advance.

The factories are furnished with industry leading company BUHLER machinery and equipment and the processes are computer operated.

A.U.S. offers the most comprehensive selection of premium multi-use flours in the industry – from baking basics like bread, filo dough, pastry to kadayıf and baklava. You expect nothing less from the industry leader than best quality selection of flours. That’s why the pioneer brands “ÜÇ LEYLEK”, “TEK SÜLÜN”, “ÇİFT LEYLEK”, “TEK LEYLEK “ and ‘’ÇİFT SÜLÜN” earned a reputation among consumers. Furthermore, a wide variety of different types of flours is produced suitable for the demands of consumers.

Since the first bag of flour was sold by A.U.S., with the assistance of its experienced staff, the company has kept its top-notch position in the sector. Concurrently, as a result of fruitful accomplishments in export A.U.S. has been awarded numerous Certificate of Achievements by Ankara Chamber of Commerce. The countries which the company export trades include but not limited to are Jordon, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Syrian Nigeria, Libya, Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Georgia. A.U.S. is willing to expand its export network in the near future.

A.U.S. is profoundly confident to further increase its market share and takes pride in serving the community for more than 40 years.


  • biscuit flours
  • bon quality flours
  • bon-quality flours
  • Bon-quality flours
  • bread flours
  • brown flours
  • cake and pie flours
  • cake flours
  • cornetto flours
  • dessert flours
  • industrial phyllo flours
  • lux bread flours
  • pastry flours
  • phyllo flours
  • pie flours
  • pita flours
  • pizza flours
  • puff pastry dough flour
  • puff pastry dough flours
  • tandouri flour
  • tandouri flours
  • type 6 peasant flours
  • Type 6 peasant flours
  • wafer and cake flour
  • wafer and cake flours
  • wafer flour
  • wafer flours
  • wheat flours
  • white bread flours
  • white breads fllour
  • wood bread flours
  • yellow flours

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