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Adress: Akhisar Yolu Üzeri 12. km, Salihli, Manisa, Turkey
Phone: +90 236 713 09 73 Fax: +90 236 715 20 10

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In Turkey, especially after 2002, with the support of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, 90 million olive trees have grown to 177 million. With the start of yielding olive trees in our country in recent years, Turkey aims to produce 650 thousand tons of olive oil and 1 million 200 thousand tons of table olives for 2023 years. With these figures, Turkey aims to become world’s second in olive oil production after Spain and world leader in table olive exports. In the province of Salihli in Manisa recently, the olive tree planting reached a considerable level parallel to the whole country.
We have decided to invest in this sector in order to make olive and olive oil production in Salihli region become an added value with the aim of producing a strong export market in addition to a strong domestic market, in return for the farmers’s hopes in these trees.
At Acar Tarım, we have started to produce olive and olive oil since 2015, which has been operating in Salihli since 2006. We produce for the brands "Zertin", "Salihli" and "YMF" in our factory which we have established with 4000 square meters indoor area within the area of approximately 40 thousand square meters with latest technology.
We have Mustafa Acar and Fatih Mürşit Acar as members of the Board of Directors of Acar Agriculture and Petroleum Products, Olive Food Products, Transportation, Animal Husbandry, Tourism, Travel Agency Industry Trade Limited Company. At Acar Agriculture, we operate in four areas: tourism, breeding (buying and selling), organic agriculture and olive / olive oil.
In recent years, after the olives are planted around Salihli and its surroundings, olive farming in the province started to become a big sector. In Salihli, where large plantings were located, necessary steps were not taken to process the olives. We at Acar Tarım, have stepped in to make this shortfall in our country. In 2006, we increased the capacity of our facilities built on an area of 500 square meters. We started to pack olive and olive oil in a variety of weights in our factory, which we have built on 2 thousand and then 4 thousand square meters area, covering olive harvest, production and exports.
From Edremit to Akhisar, from Aydın to Mugla till Milas, we process olives grown in the Aegean region, in our factory. In modern and hygienic standing system plants we process an average of 150 tons of olive oil in 24 hours:
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml, 750 ml, 1 Lt)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Lt, 2 Lt, 5 Lt, 10 Lt, 18 Lt)
Natural First Class (Edible/Cooking) Olive Oil (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Lt, 2 Lt, 5 Lt, 10 Lt, 18 Lt)
Natural Second Class (Edible/Cooking) Olive Oil (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Lt, 2 Lt, 5 Lt, 10 Lt, 18 Lt)
Riveira Olive Oil.

Our company is one of the rare organizations having Organic Production Certificate. Organically grown olives can be processed in our facilities. We store olive oils, which are filtered by hand in automatic indoor environment, in 200 ton capacity stainless chrome / nickel tanks under constant climatic conditions at the underground level. The natural oils stored in these tanks, which are specially produced for Acar Agriculture, are stored with the nitrogen protection system to preserve its own flavor and to be preserved in its own flavor.

We fill in glass, plastic pet and tin containers according to European standards. Our products, which are filled in a closed hygienic environment, are being offered for consumption with our quality assurance system.

After all the olive and olive oils that have been filled are found to be in compliance with international standards in our laboratory, we then process them. After the olives and olive oil enter the factory, we carry out periodical checks and we devote ourselves to applications for the preservation and improvement of the quality during the process of product processing and shipment.
Our olive and olive oil productions are based on Inte


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