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ZEMETAL CELIK URUNLERI LTD. STI. Turkish Manufacturers Companies Melikgazi Turkey

Adress: Mimarsinan OSB 7. Cad. No: 6, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkiye
Phone: 90 4443822
Phone: 90 5059192662 Fax: +90 352 321 24 69


MYWIN PVC Window & Door System is located in Kayseri industrial zone/Turkey. Since 1996, MYWIN has been in service to its valuable customers in its 25000 metersquare, cutting edge technology production site. You can get more info related to company and its products below as well as its website.
PVC Profile Technology
The technology of pressing profiles from hard PVC has been developing for the last 30 years. Polyvinyl chloride is an exceptionally durable and long-lasting material. Thanks to this technology, widnows that are made from this material last for many years. PVC is resistant to mechanical damages and atmospheric factors, such as rain, frost, wind, UV radiation, and changing temperatures. Additionally, it has excellent heat-retention qualities and ensures optimal acoustic insulation. Windows made of PVC do not change their shape or color in time and are easy to maintain.
Thanks to the ease with which it can be made in practically every shape pvc is a perfect compliment for modern and traditional architecture. 
MYWIN company`s modern and fully automated production line, guarantees high quality PVC window frames.
PVC Windows
Probably the best invention of the window business of our modern time.
Advanced technology PVC profile windows are one of the best inventions of the building industry of our modern times. PVC windows are durable, easy to process and aesthetic.
If your PVC windows are manufactured properly with the quality materials and assembled by professionals you will have the best result from your windows. Your windows will provide a weather proof, sound proof , dust proof, energy efficient and maintenance free life.
ACOUSTIC Insulation
Tailor-made noise protection system so nothing can disturb your peaceful world
Excessive noise can cause stress, sleep troubles and effect mental and intellectual performance.
MYWIN pvc window systems are perfectly designed to reduce sound transmission. Combined with suitable glazing, MYWIN windows can insulate interiors from sound waves up to 40 dB. This easily exceeds the recommended sound-proofing level of 30 dB for sleeping.
THERMAL Insulation
Shields you from exterior conditions ensuring comfort at home.
PVC windows are built to withstand the heaviest weather conditions ensuring comfort indoors. No leaks, no dust, no harmful insects. A perfectly installed Pvc window with the right type of sealant will ensure %100 weather proofing.
ENERGY Efficiency
Reducing energy loss with energy efficient windows.
Saving energy starts from the choice of right windows. One of the ways to protect our environment is reducing the use of energy. A large portion of the energy we consume in our buildings is due to heating or air conditioning.
MYWIN windows keep the heat outside the building during hot summer or cold during freezing winter. This way you save resources and significantly reduce your energy bills.
No painting, no fumigating, no cleaning a worry free solution.
Maintaining your house can be expensive and time consuming. To protect your windows from weather conditions, harmful insects and most importantly to keep them looking nice regular maintenance is necessary. MYWIN windows offer you a maintenance free window solution. Painting or even cleaning is not necessary to protect your windows.


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