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SISSAN MAKINA PLASTIK INSAAT LTD. STI. Turkish Manufacturers Companies Osmaniye Turkey

Adress: Organzie Sanayi Bölgesi, 4.Cadde, 7. Sokak, No:5, Kadirli, Osmaniye Türkiye
Phone: +90 328 739 22 24 Fax: +90 328 739 22 23


Our company was established by Mansur GUVEN, in Kadirli, Adana in 1976 with the title of “Guven Farm Machinery”. We started to manufacture agricultural machines with the knowledge we gained from maintenance and repair works. Sissan Machinery has made great investments in recent years by improving itself. In the company, machines are designed with computer-aided three-dimensional programs and all problems are resolved in the virtual environment before production is started. As Sissan Machinery employees, we adopt and implement total quality management in our company.Our company has reached the capacity to manufacture a great deal of machines used in agriculture sector with its equipment pool.
The products currently in production in our company: sauce machine, disc harrow,
grain auger, trailer, chisel plough, inter-row cultivator, hoeing machine with fertilizer, centrifuge pump, motor-pump and parts of sprinkler system. In addition to this, there are agricultural machineries for which our company runs project with the investments it has made. If these products successfully pass through the stage of research and development phase, they will be presented to Turkish farmers and then to the world countries.


  • conventional goble disc-harrow
  • conveyor belt driver
  • conveyor belt drivers
  • electrical type feed crusher
  • electrical type feed crushers
  • feed grinding and mixing machines
  • flat packer roller
  • goble disc-harrow (rear wheel)
  • goble disc-harrow
  • goble
  • grain cooling fan
  • grain cooling fans
  • hanging type goble
  • hanging type gobles
  • heavy type goble
  • heavy type gobles
  • independent fertilizer intermediate anchor machine
  • independent fertilizer intermediate anchor machines
  • inter-row spring cultivator with fertilizer
  • irrigation pumps and equipments
  • mounted goble disc-harrow
  • pool case trailer
  • pool case trailers
  • pool-type trailers
  • rear wheel goble
  • rear wheel gobles
  • single axle two wheel trailer rear dumper
  • stalk cutter
  • stalk shredder machine
  • stalk shredder machines
  • stand-alone anchor machine
  • stand-alone anchor machines
  • tandem axle four wheel trailer rear dumper
  • tandem axle four wheel trailers rear dumper (truck type)
  • three axle trailers
  • tomato paste machine
  • tomato paste machines
  • tractor rear loader bucket
  • tractor rear loader buckets
  • tractor type centrifugal pump
  • tractor type centrifugal pumps
  • tractor type feed crushing machine
  • tractor type feed crushing machines
  • wheel goble
  • wheel gobles

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