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SERMATEK MAKINA LTD. STI. Turkish Manufacturers Companies İzmir Turkey

Adress: Karacaoğlan Mah., 6157/1 Sok., No: 19/3, Işıkkent, Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
Phone: +90 232 472 23 43 Fax: +90 232 472 23 45


SERMATEK ( Service, Machinery & Technology ) Makina Sanayi ve Dis Tic.Ltd. has been planning to be at the forefront of machine tool technology since its foundation in 2003, manufacturing & supplying a unique range of intelligent precision engineering technologies and solutions to a variety of industrial applications throughout the world. The total experience of manufacturing, sales and service engineers of SERMATEK is over than 25 years thanks to our staff with their backgrounds from Machine Tool Sector in Turkey.

We manufacture many ranges of engraving and marking systems and, offer our wide verity of customers a complete turnkey service: specifying, sourcing, interfacing, and proving-out all of the equipment required to support each individual application. From work-holding, fixturing and tooling, to robot-loading, high-pressure through-tool coolant systems and training, we ensure that the machines and marking systems we start up are producing, marking or engraving our customer's parts as efficiently as possible from the day that they are installed. Sophisticated precision metal-marking tools to bespoke process optimization, our unique and high-quality technology, experience and insight surely enable SERMATEK to create more responsive, more effective engraving and marking solutions to address even the most complex challenges.

Whatever our customers engraving & marking requirements our dedicated Application Team works closely with customers own engineers throughout the selection process - from feasibility studies, through system and equipment selection to project justification - to ensure that SERMATEK is offering the very best engineering solution to mark customers' components. For turnkey applications, SERMATEK's experienced engineers prepare detailed engineering reports reflecting our customers' efficiency rates, conditions, the amount of space required in customers' premises and the experience of their staff. These cited reports recommend the optimum means of engraving/marking our customers' parts in the quantities that they require and in line with their SPC criteria.

Furthermore, the reports outline the manufacturer, specification, and cost of any ancillary equipment required to support the process - from work-holding and fixturing to tooling and loading systems.

And, SERMATEK's expert technical support does not end once the process has been proposed. Together with our Service Engineers, our Applications Team installs and interfaces all of the equipment, develops the program, proves-out the process and trains customers' operators and programmers before personally overseeing the delivery and installation of the machine at customers' site.


  • hand dot peen marking
  • hand marking tool
  • indent marking
  • industrial marking
  • ink marker
  • large area marking
  • large fiber laser
  • large part laser marking
  • large piece fiber laser marking
  • large piece marking
  • large workpiece marking
  • laser 2.5 axis engraving
  • laser 2.5 engraving
  • laser 3d engraving
  • laser 3d marking
  • laser deep engraving
  • laser engraving machines
  • laser marker
  • laser markers
  • laser pump marking
  • laser pump tag marking
  • laser w/ a programmable z axis
  • laser wit c axis
  • laser with a auto z axis
  • laser with large enclosure
  • laser with rotary table
  • laser with z automation
  • laser workstation
  • laserator laser
  • laserator
  • layer by layer laser engraving
  • logo marking
  • low cost fiber laser
  • low cost laser
  • machinery name tag
  • machinery name tags
  • manual mrking
  • marking laser
  • marking moving parts
  • marking pistol
  • marking with 180 degree indexing table
  • marking with enclosure
  • mo
  • mobie pump marking
  • mobile fiber laser marking enclosure
  • mobile fiber laser pump marking
  • mobile fiber laser
  • mobile laser marking
  • mobile laser
  • mold engraving
  • mould making
  • name plate marking
  • name plate
  • name tag marking
  • name tag
  • numbering head
  • numbering heads
  • numbering
  • oem fiber laser marking module
  • oily surface marking
  • on the floor fiber laser marking machine
  • on the floor laser
  • on the fly marking
  • on-the-floor laser marking
  • operator coding
  • paint marker
  • paint marking
  • peen marking
  • permanent marking
  • permenant name tag
  • permenant name tags
  • perminant marking
  • pourous surface marking
  • precise marking
  • precise mold making
  • pump laser marking
  • pump marking
  • qr code marking
  • qr code
  • rotary marking
  • rotary table laser marking
  • rusty surface marking
  • serial marking
  • serial number marking
  • serial number
  • simple fiber laser
  • small enclosure fiber laser
  • stylus marking
  • submersible pump marking
  • submersible water pump marking
  • tag marking
  • taging
  • totary table marking
  • tube marker
  • valve action paint marker
  • valve action paint markers
  • water pump marking
  • z axis laser engraving

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