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MCS HIDROLIK SAN. TIC. A.S. Turkish Manufacturers Companies Konya Turkey

Adress: Horozluhan Mh., İslambay Sk., No:16, Selçuklu, Konya, Türkiye
Phone: +90 332 248 24 54 Fax: +90 332 251 08 33

MCS HIDROLIK SAN. TIC. A.S. Company Profile

Company was established with a new investment and excitement in Konya in 2004. Since the date of its foundation till today company has been active on marketing of hyraulic and pneumatic seals with its dynamic and innovative structure and company continues to develop day by day.
As the company of MCS HIDROLIK – PNOMATIK, our first aim is to offer the best suitable products and widest product range to our valuable customers for supporting them to get optimum benefit and thus we aim to get relieance of our customers.
For the purpose of staying close to our customers and providing much better services to them, we created our web site. Wish you to have salutary earnings.


  • crawler walking system
  • crawler walking systems
  • dry type metal body panel connections
  • dt series orbiting motors
  • galvanized and zinc coated hydraulic installation pipe
  • galvanized and zinc coated hydraulic installation pipes
  • h series oil cooler
  • h series oil coolers
  • h1c series piston pump
  • h1c series piston pumps
  • h1cr series piston pump
  • h1cr series piston pumps
  • h1v series piston pump
  • h1v series piston pumps
  • h2v series piston pump
  • h2v series piston pumps
  • h2vr series piston pump
  • h2vr series piston pumps
  • honed pipe (h8)
  • hrw series orbiting motors
  • htc series orbiting motor
  • htc series orbiting motors
  • hts series orbiting motor
  • hts series orbiting motors
  • hydramotors
  • hydraulic installation pipe
  • hydraulic installation pipes
  • l series oil cooler
  • l series oil coolers
  • low pressure water hose
  • low pressure water hoses
  • medium pressure water hose
  • medium pressure water hoses
  • metric counter nut
  • metric counter nuts
  • mixer cooler
  • mixer coolers
  • oil cooler
  • oil coolers
  • orbi̇t motorlar
  • orbi̇t motororbit motorlar
  • orbiting motor
  • orbiting motors
  • pipe bending apparatus
  • pipe bending apparatuses
  • pipe rod
  • pipe rods
  • piston motors
  • polyurethane hoses
  • pump adapter
  • r1 one wire hose
  • r1 one wire hoses
  • r2 two wire hose
  • r2 two wire hoses
  • re series orbiting motors
  • rs series orbiting motors
  • sh7v series piston motors
  • spiral case
  • spiral cases
  • steering control unit
  • steering control units
  • sub connection temperature meter
  • sub connection temperature meters
  • tank cooler
  • tank coolers
  • temperature meter
  • temperature meters
  • tie rod axle
  • tie rod axles
  • wirewound transparent hose
  • wirewound transparent hoses type2
  • wirewound transparent hoses

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