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IZOYAPI YALITIM SAN. TIC. A.S. Turkish Manufacturers Companies Toroslar Turkey

Adress: Demirtaş Mah., 77093 Sk., No: 1/A, Toroslar, Mersin, Turkiye
Phone: +90 324 323 17 50
Phone: 90 5334291703 Fax: +90 324 323 17 53


We moved our personel services since 1976 at construction sector to Ufukboya Tic. in 1990. After "Kaydem LTD. STI." we continued with "FE-MA Ins.". At last in 2000 we established our own company Izoyapi Ins. Taah. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. We continue to present high quality produtcs and services to our customers with Izoyapi gaining value in Turkey.
Our company in a very short time became a reference center with smart solutions in the sector.
We present our services by abreasting with technology, open ended, transfering knowledge in a right way, being far away of "save the day" apprehension in quality service principle, having the philosophy of enriching positively to "human and life".
We sell, market and perform IZOPIYER products which are manufactured by us (facade jamb, sill, raking, cornerstone and keystone, columns, coatings, ceiling roses, suspended ceiling, drywall; heat, water and sound insulating materials, construction chemicals, suspended ceiling materials and prefabricated constructions)
The applications are done by mostly our staff apart from subcontractors.
We are in cooperation with Silkcoat Boya, Izocam Yalitim Sistemleri, Koster, Aygips, Izomaka except our own product Izopiyer.

Our company presenting enduring and economic products for prioritising customer awareness raising sells and performs from Duzce to Elazig, from Samsun to Osmaniye all in all accross Turkey although it is in Mersin.


  • buttresses
  • ceiling center piece
  • ceiling interior paint
  • center piece
  • center pieces
  • central heating system leak sealer
  • column head
  • column heads
  • combi boiler leak sealer
  • corrosion cleaner
  • corrosion decomposer
  • decoartive insulating eps board
  • decorating and insulating eps panels
  • decorative coating eps panel
  • decorative exterior thermal insulation board
  • decorative exterior thermal insulation boards
  • decorative insulating eps panels
  • decorative wallboard
  • decorative wallboards
  • decorative wood patterned panel
  • eps decorating marble pattern panels
  • eps decorating marble patterned panels
  • eps decorative insulating panel
  • eps insulating decorative panels
  • eps insulation panels
  • exterior acrylic colorful paint
  • exterior buttresses
  • exterior column
  • exterior columns
  • exterior coping
  • exterior copings
  • exterior decorative panel
  • exterior floor molding
  • exterior floor moldings
  • exterior head
  • exterior heads
  • exterior jacketing joint gap
  • exterior jacketing joint gaps
  • exterior keystone
  • exterior keystones
  • exterior lower buttress
  • exterior lower buttresses
  • exterior sill
  • exterior sills
  • fan coil leak sealer
  • floor molding
  • floor moldings
  • fluted column
  • fluted columns
  • grc
  • grooved round column
  • grooved round columns
  • guoin
  • guoins
  • insulating decorative panel
  • insulating eps coating board
  • insulating eps coating panels
  • insulating eps panels
  • insulating oval wood patterned panels
  • insulating panel
  • insulating panels
  • interior decoraiton
  • interior papier mache
  • interior papier maches
  • interior suspended ceiling
  • interior suspended ceilings
  • jacketing joint gap
  • jacketing joint gaps
  • joint gap
  • joint gaps
  • jointed wood patterned coating panel
  • jointed wood patterned panel
  • jointed wood shape
  • leak sealer
  • leak selaer
  • lime scale cleaner
  • lime scale remover
  • lower buttress
  • lower buttresses
  • marble pattern coating panels
  • marble patterned decorative wallboard
  • marble patterned decorative wallboards
  • marble patterned panels
  • marble patterned
  • oval lambri wood patterned coating panel
  • oval wood patterned coating panel
  • papier mache
  • papier maches
  • patterned exterior jamb
  • patterned exterior jambs
  • patterned jamb
  • patterned jambs
  • plumbing pipes adhesive
  • plumbing reapir
  • precasts
  • pvc pipes leak sealer
  • radiator leak sealer
  • raditor leak sealer
  • sewage pipes leak sealer
  • smooth surface marble eps panels
  • smooth surface wood patterned coating panel
  • smooth surface wood patterned panel
  • square column
  • square columns
  • stone finishing
  • stone finishings
  • stone patterned decorative wallboard
  • stone patterned decorative wallboards
  • terra cotta
  • terra cottas
  • transparent primer
  • tulle jamb
  • tulle jambs
  • wood log patterned coating panel
  • wood patterned decorative wallboard
  • wood patterned decorative wallboards

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