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Adress: Terazidere Mah. 29 Ekim Cad. No:55, Bayrampaşa. İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 501 49 39 Fax: +90 212 438 42 20

Company Profile

Having been a reliable socks and legwear manufacturer in Turkey for many years, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as Bolero SOCKS® with commitment to unconditional customer service along with competitive prices.

Aspiring to be “Your Global Socks Supplier Partner”, Bolero SOCKS® offers you numerous offers for your socks and legwear demands from its technologically well-equipped manufacturing plant in Istanbul, Turkey.

With an organized supply system, the success of Bolero SOCKS® is the result of a number of factors: huge contacts in socks and textile industry, unbeatable quality-price ratio, particular attention paid to advanced technologies under our “Total Quality Management System”.

Thanks to our remarkable machine capacity (over 120 Double Cylinder machines (Bentley KOMET) and 75 Computerized Machines (Lonati)), we are capable of producing over 10 million pairs only for export purposes.

As Bolero SOCKS®, we are here to supply all type of socks and legwear such as plain, derby, textured, computerized design, sneaker (ankle), knee-high, sport socks, thermo socks, thick wool socks, tights, leggings and leg-warmers with our broad style of socks collection and with private labelling opportunities.

Moreover, your precious orders are welcome from a large variety of technical yarn compositions; soft combed cotton, cotton blended yarns, bamboo, mercerized, viscose blended yarns, lycra, wool, wool blended yarns, lambswool, acrylic and latest technology yarns like Tencel®, Lenzing Modal®, Bamboo, Lenzing Viscose®, Coolmax®, Thermolite®, X-Static®, , Meryl-Satine®, Trevira®, PES, Micro modal, Microfiber, Silk, Linen and Tactel along with advanced treatments such as Antibacterial pre-washing, Purista®, Aegis®, Aloe-vera, Eucalyptus, Silver Ionized and Silicon washing.

Finally, if you would like to benefit from the opportunity of Bolero SOCKS®’ fabulous price/quality ratio, service quality and quality manufacturing facilities, please just let us know; THE REST IS OUR BUSINESS!


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